Introducing Crypto Game Objects (For Game Developers)

Crypto game objects are really the same things you would find or use in any game you play now. Things like weapons, potions, armor, etc. The difference is that each Crypto Game Object is an NFT that has a blockchain address and can be truly owned (Crypto Game Objects are based on the ERC-721 standard).

This means, for example, once a player owns a sword they can use that sword in any game that supports the Crypto Game Objects sword. It might look different, or have unique features, from game to game depending on how you, the game developer, decide to support Crypto Game Objects...but once a gamer owns it, it's their sword. It goes with them from game to game.

Why add support for Crypto Game Objects to your game?

There are a many reasons actually:

  1. You can earn Ethereum from reselling the Crypto Game Objects used within your game.
  2. You can save development time by never having to build another in-game marketplace or designing the same items over-and-over for each new game.
  3. You can gain more players who own Crypto Game Objects and are looking for exciting new games to use them in.
  4. You can build affinity with your players who can now truly own their favorite gear and take it from game-to-game.

How It Works

Adding support for Crypto Game Objects into your games currently requires a few simple steps

  1. Ability for your game to interact with a crypto wallet such as MetaMask.
  2. Implimentation of (some or all of) the Crypto Game Objects smart contract.
  3. Pick & choose which Crypto Game Objects (or types of Crypto Game Objects) you want to support within your game.

Picking Crypto Game Objects & Types To Support

Details on how to get an active list of all Crypto Game Objects available to be integrated into your game is coming soon.

The Smart Contract

We are hard at work finalizing the details for the initial Crypto Game Objects smart contract. We'll update this space with the details as they become available.

In the meantime, if you have questions or are interested in helping out, please feel free to reach out to falicon any time.