Introducing Crypto Game Objects (For Designers)

Crypto game objects are really the same things you would find or use in any game you play now. Things like weapons, potions, armor, etc. The difference is that each Crypto Game Object is an NFT that has a blockchain address and can be truly owned.

This means, for example, once a player owns a sword they can use that sword in any game that supports the Crypto Game Objects sword. It might look different, or have unique features, from game to game depending on how the game developer decides to support Crypto Game Objects...but once a gamer owns it, it's their sword. It goes with them from game to game.

And here's the best part, anyone can create Crypto Game Object! Just define the Crypto Game Object you want to exist*, upload the associated concept art, and get it minted! Keep your newly designed Crypto Game Objects for yourself or sell it via the marketplace any time.

Why create Crypto Game Objects?

There are a many reasons actually:

  1. You can earn Ethereum from selling the Crypto Game Objects you design.
  2. You can share your creativity with the gamers & game designers who are always looking for the next, new, exciting thing!
  3. You can share your art & grow your fanbase among gamers & game designers who have an extremely strong affinity for the objects and experiences they have in-game.

How It Works

Creating Crypto Game Objects requires a few simple steps:

  1. Connect a crypto wallet such as MetaMask.
  2. Fill out the simple Crypto Game Object creation form & upload your concept art.
  3. Submit your request (and pay the associated gas fees for minting your NFT).

* Note: It's up to individual game designers to pick & choose what Crypto Game Objects they support within their games.