How do you stay organized and productive?

Fred Wilson had an interesting topic around calendars and email today...which sparked this comment from me:

I think it also depends a lot on the type of "work" you are optimizing for.

For me (more dev/production person than "meeting" person):

Calendars work great for meetings, conversations, and not forgetting to be some where at some specific time (and not over committing or double booking).

Todo lists work great for accomplishing specific goals and tasks (especially those things that might take more than one set chunk of time and focus).

Email for me is the glue between these two systems.

I keep "inbox read"...nothing stays in my inbox "unread" fact, if anything stays in my inbox, it's a "todo" item. In fact, I often email myself notes/reminders/or even ideas. Everything else gets archived or deleted (and replied to as quickly as possible).

On a daily basis, I will sometimes also physically write out a checklist of "today's big goals"...usually on a note card and/or note pad I keep at my desk. No matter how much I accomplish from the list, I throw it out at the end of the day...I just use it to reset/focus throughout the day on the "big things".

(for example today's list, which only means anything to me, currently reads: A. Ivory Tower B. files for Eric C. Marshall Madness update D. Blog post).

Side note: Of course I love Albert's approach. His engineering personality shinning through once again!

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